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       The Answer Attic?






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Book Reviews

Book Review - Apologetics - The Universe Next Door - PDF.pdf Book Review - Darwin on Trial.pdf Book Review - In the Grip of Grace - PDF.pdf Book Review - Questioning Evangelism.pdf Book Review - Healing Grace - Seamands - PDF.pdf Book Review From Plato to Jesus.pdf Book Report - Duffy Robbins - The Ministry of Nurture.pdf

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Attic Answer!

Attic Answer #1:

For Christians, how important is the issue of the

relationship between science and theology?

Attic Answer #2:

The Doctrine of the Bible; the Inscribed Word

of God - Does it Really Matter?

Attic Answer #3:

Philosophy of Science... Does it Matter?

Attic Answer #4:

What is a Covenant Anyway? Does it Even

Really Matter?

Attic Answer #5:

Calvinism & Armenian Views? What in the World

Does All this Mean?

Attic Answer #6

 Is Doctrine Just an Outdated "Church Word?"

Attic Answer #7:

Does the Old Testament Matter?

Do We Really Even Need to Know What’s In

The Old Testament?

Attic Answer #8

How Many Ways Are There to Heaven?

Attic Answer #9

What About the Holy Spirit?

What does the Bible say about Him?

In a World such as this… Where

TRUTH has been locked in a chest

and stored away in a dusty attic…

The CHALLENGE arises for God’s

people to seek the TREASURE which

has been locked away by postmodern

thieves.  This is where the ANSWER

ATTIC moves to the foreground. We

invite you to search the ANSWER

ATTIC, to explore the deep recesses,

to uncover the TREASURES that lie

within its walls. If you are looking

for ANSWERS that will strengthen

your Christian Worldview, our hope

is that you will be encouraged and

equipped by the resources you find

on this Page! Happy Hunting!  

             Brian Schulz

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Book Review - Five Views of Apologetics - PDF.pdf

A Blog by Dr. Peter Rasor

Book Review - Four Views on Divine Providence.pdf


By Brian A. Schulz

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Term Paper -

The Spiritual Discipline of Fellowship:

It’s Reality and Necessity

Term Paper -

Evangelist Epistles: What Does “Husband of One

Wife” Really Mean?

Term Paper -

The Biological Fingerprints of God’s Design

  Term Paper:

Biblical Inspiration Through the

Lens of Middle Knowledge:

The Coherence of Verbal Plenary Inspiration and

The Molinist Position of Foreknowledge

Term Paper -

A Comparison of Priesthoods:

The Old Covenant and the New Covenant

Term Paper -

The Man of Lawlessness

And the Anti-Christ

Term Paper -

The Unscriptural Use of the Term Pastor

Term Paper -

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

Legend, Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?

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