Each week we not only share communion, worship, and learn together through class, but we also are inspired, convicted, and trained from the pulpit. It is our privilege to share our sermons with those who are investigating Kent Christian Church as a possible church home or those who could not join us during the actual service.  <WATCH HERE>


E3 is what Kent Christian Church is all about: encourage, equip, engage. It embodies our vision not just for the congregation, but also for our community and culture. If we are to be able to love God fully and live a full Christian life of service to our Lord, then we must fulfill our mission of E3. Put simply, we must encourage the heart, equip the person, and engage the culture.


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We are a community of believers engaged in active worship, supporting one another, and learning to be stronger as well as more faithful disciples reaching out to our culture. Join here to find out what you can do for Christ here at Kent Christian.  If you are unsure, we have opportunities for everyone to find how their talents can best be utilized.  <JOIN US!>

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Kent Christian Church encourages the heart, equips the person, and engages the culture in order to develop disciples who can lead in our culture. Families find support in their faith at Kent through discipleship, active worship, and innovative evangelism.

Kent Christian Church

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